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Jesus can be known


To many people Jesus of Nazareth is only an historical personage, who lived about two thousand years ago somewhere in the land of Israel, of whom the Bible says that He lived a holy life, did many miracles and then He died. To us Jesus of Nazareth is much more than that, for He is the Son of the Living God who was sent by God into this world to die for our sins. But His story did not end with His death, for the third day Jesus rose again by the power of God and after forty days He was taken up into heaven. He lives!

And we have known Him; yes, we know Him personally. We came to know Him when we repented of our sins and believed in His name. Formerly we did not know Him, to us He was a stranger, even though we knew that He had lived many centuries ago in the land of Israel, He had lived a sinless life, and He had died on the cross for our sins and risen again the third day. But that glorious day, on which we repented of our sins and believed in Him, we tasted His love, His power, His goodness, His faithfulness; in other words, we discovered His reality.

He forgave our sins and caused us to be born again; by His mercy we were born again, we became new creatures in Him and from that time on we have never been the same again. He manifested Himself in our life, and came to dwell in us. We now feel He lives in us, He is always with us, His divine presence never leaves us. Blessed be His holy name now and forevermore. Amen.

If you don’t know Jesus, I urge you to humble before Him, acknowledging that you are a sinner, then repent of your sins and believe that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God, who died on the cross for our sins and rose again for our justification. Talk to Him as if He were physically near you. When you do these things you will feel immediately forgiven and will experience the new birth. The peace and the joy of the Lord will flood your heart, and you will never be the same.


Giacinto Butindaro



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